Kosher Washes

Delivering Kosher Certified Vessels

Our specialty is tank car cleaning and keeping our customer's fleets kosher. We follow a precise set of steps to deliver a certified kosher vessel. First, our experienced team cleans and sanitizes the rail car so that all appropriate products can be transported. The cleaned car remains untouched for 24 hours. At that time, a kosher wash procedure begins. An advanced 3-D orbiting high- pressure spinner flushes the tank until the temperature at the outlet has reached 200º for more than 15 minutes. The cleansing spray of high- pressure water is near the boiling point

Proud To Be An OU Company

With almost 50 years of experience, we can deliver a level of quality, service and dependability that’s hard to match. We are proud to be an OU company.

Kosher OU Company