Fogger Washes

Our Cleaning Procedures

We work closely with our customers to determine the most appropriate cleaning methods for the job at hand. Our cleaning procedures vary depending on the commodity being hauled.
When required, steam can be used to clean vessel interiors. We often take an additional next step and use a fogger wash system. Using high-pressure water at temperatures in excess of 180 degrees, an advanced state of the art, 3-D orbiting dual-nozzle spinner cleans every nook and cranny of the vessel’s interior. Given the large cloud of steam rising from within car, the fogger wash description is appropriate.

Food Safety & Sanitation

When a fogging wash is completed, we follow established industry safety guidelines for a confined space entry to remove any residue left behind. Once the heavy residue is removed, our team carefully cleans the lid, unloading valves, man way rim, cap, gaskets and other critical control points.
If requested, the tank may then be washed with a detergent and sanitized. After the vessel is air dried the surfaces may be microbial swab tested. Finally, after a thorough hands-on final inspection, the dome, cap and valves are secured and security seals placed where required.