Integrity and Value

We are committed to upholding the integrity and value of our work through providing superior craftsmanship and secure dependable service for our customers. The ultimate responsibility for maintaining the product quality remains with the President. The responsibility for maintaining the quality assurance process is delegated to all employees.

ISO Level Quality System

We follow a comprehensive set of standard operating procedures (SOP’s) to do our part in ensuring your commodities can be transported safely.
To ensure the integrity of rail cars we clean and repair, our facilities operate under a quality assurance program that is based on ISO 9000 as well as the AAR M-1003 standard. The food safety procedures we have built in to our operations such as GMP, preventative maintenance, hygiene, and security also provide a solid foundation for HACCP within our Quality Program.

Continuous Improvement

To continue building on the quality of our services the heart of our quality program is based on regular training, checks, and audits for the early detection and ultimately prevention of non-conforming items.