Enviromentally Friendly Technologies

Our managers use a variety of industry-recognized technologies for our wastewater pretreatment systems in compliance with CFR Title 40 Part 442, the Transportation Equipment Cleaning Point Source Category.

Wastewater pretreatment methods include a combination of decanting, chemical precipitation, dissolved air flotation, membrane separation, and centrifugal dewatering, depending on the facility location.

Cutting Edge Recovery and Recycling

Our team also pays close attention to proper handling and disposal of organic and solid waste materials we encounter in our work. The FOG, (fats oil & grease) are recovered and put to environmentally appropriate use by our partners in the feed or energy industries. Bio-solids, sludge and other organics are applied to landscapes and farms to reduce pressure on local landfills. The accepted practice replenishes important natural nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen back in to the soil to reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers.

Innovative Material Reuse

At Drumm, we take great pride in creating partnerships with experts in environmentally safe business practices. We work with waste management firms to convert our high BOD liquid wastes into renewable energy to power the grid through an anaerobic digestion waste to energy process.

Drumm Inc is committed to sustainable business practices. Our experienced managers combined with a comprehensive understanding of wastewater treatment and an integrated systems approach provides real world evidence of that commitment.